Chromix ICC Profiles via Polarized Light?

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  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin
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    Chromix ICC Profiles via Polarized Light?
    on: January 23, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Sometime back I recall Mark alluding to Chromix ICC profiles as being created using a special polarized light source. I believe-but am not sure-that Chromix alludes to the process as “Deep Color” measurement which according to Chromix might be helpful if there is loss of shadow detail when one prints using matte paper.  This Deep Color profile is said to be produced with a  “slower instrument with versatile measurement options. One of these measurement functions tends to draw all the shadow detail that is possible to achieve in a profile”.

    Some of my images look better on matte papers and I am intrigued by the claims posted by Chromix which certainly has an excellent reputation.

    I wonder if any have tried Chromix “Deep Color” profiles and if such ICC profiles deliver on the promise of increased shadow separation.

    In general, does the use of a polarized light source make a difference in ANY ICC profile?

    I would argue that polarized measurements really only provide a meaningful improvement for textured surfaces where spectral highlights and reflections can otherwise screw up the measurement process. Glossy canvas is an excellent example where we see significant improvements.

    There are a lots of common misunderstandings about polarized measurements, especially how to interpret gamut renderings. There is no “deep color” to be uncovered with M3 mode for example. I have some discussion on this with visual samples one can view at

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Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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