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    on: August 19, 2023 at 8:30 am

    I can learn a lot from Alain Briot, he has a bright fundament of technical skills and decades of practical and theoretical experience.

    The question of “ART” will never be answered finally. The answer depends on history, times going by, influences (or modern influencers) and a lot more.. The first surgeon doing a successful Appendectomy was an Artist, also today a lot of surgeons are feeling as artists doing the same procedure; but this art is nowadays reduced to a standard procedure, you need to take care of otherwise a lawyer comes in play.

    No, it is interesting to rethink what Brian is transmitting. Art for me is my creative process, based on technical skills ( or improving them during work) realizing a photography, bringing light and composition together, trying to create what was in my mind. Yes, I can work on it later by software, of course. But I never have the idea about what people may think about it, I do not want to sell or getting credit points in an exhibition. So slow photography is my field I do like to work in mostly. So someone may like my pictures or not, I do know for my own what is good or could be improved.

    Do I need to be a referent, so someone can follow my creative process? No. Look to those people on an exhibition opening trying to explain their feeling or more often what looks appropriate to say at the moment. The true feeling is emotional in the beginning. May be getting knowledge about the artist I can understand his way of expression a little more but who cares? If I do like his work, my subjective scaling is meeting his subjective expression. We can meet or not. This not a question what is art. In the western world we are mostly free to express and to consume what we like.


    If I have been sitting 6 hours in front of a total black picture thinking about the referent, my brain will working based on my neuro-connections, emotions and neurotransmitters. So again it is subjective. Maybe I am examine also my psychiatric knowledge, what illness may influence such an expression. Such thinking do not lead to a change in my feeling of this specific picture. Yes – may be – I can understand f.e.  colours used by the artist who has been in jail in Syria. It may be the expression of his history or his trial to overcome his own history. But will I accept a picture as art, thats always my decision, my subjective emotion, may be modified by knowledge.

    I do feel most people visiting a vernissage are expressing what they “should” feel not their truths as I said. The referent may explain but our / my interpretation of art – coming back to start – depends on times, my acute feeling and if I do have had frustration getting a parking place. So, do I really need a referent?


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