Apple Pro Display Vs Eizo CG319x

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  • Roger Dunham
    Roger Dunham
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    on: May 28, 2022 at 9:44 pm

    Its time for me to upgrade my digital darkroom and buy a new display .  I current use an iMac 5K and it has served me well now for 3-4 years .  I am in the process of upgrading my computers to the Apple M1 standard and have a MBP 16 and a MacAir M1 .  As soon as I can I will buy the top of the line Mac Studio Ultra as my main processor. .

    I have reached the stage that more of my photography will occur behind the screen than out on the street .  My goal of achieving over 200K street photographs has been achieved .  Its time to work thru the archive .   Prints and Books will probably become my focus over the next 5 years .

    Cost is not a factor in my decision and in fact just subjective aspects are more important .  As I understand it most users of the Apple Pro Displays just love the presentation of their images .  Nothing like seeing your best work at 6K on a 30 inch display .  But those favoring the Eizo CG319x talk about the  superior color accuracy and ability to support a “what you see is what you print ”  workflow  .  4K verse 6K  ?

    So I am really looking for different perspectives on the “Best” large display available .


    Andrew Rodney
    Andrew Rodney
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    Re: Apple Pro Display Vs Eizo CG319x
    Reply #1 on: May 29, 2022 at 10:01 am

    Start on page one:

    Author “Color Management for Photographers" & "Photoshop CC Color Management" (

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