Bevis Gear Top Shelf Camera Bag Review

Michael Durr here with and in this article I am going to show you the Top Shelf Premium Edition camera bag from

What makes this uniquely designed bag different from other bags?

Well, it allows you to access your gear in just a few seconds with a simple sling and the push of a button. 

It provides a tabletop surface for you to easily change lenses, SD cards, or batteries. 

I’ve been putting this bag through its paces in a variety of shooting scenarios, including at a concert. It was awesome to be able to have a low-profile bag while navigating in a crowd and also have a way to swap lenses without having to try to find a table or use the floor.

The push-button feature, which was initially designed for race card hoods, is incredibly strong and reliable. You don’t need to zip the bag. I admit it was a bit nerve-racking at first but after testing it out for myself I had no issues keeping the zipper open and using the push button on its own to secure the gear.

The bag also can convert into a traditional backpack, but I have only been using the sling style to take advantage of the tabletop access.

I found this bag to be incredibly innovative and have really enjoyed using it in some real-world environments. It is made of a water-resistant material and also comes with a rain cover to further protect your gear. There is also a couple of pockets on the front for smaller items and a quick access side door. 

I do wish it was slightly larger because I typically use a grip on my camera and have some larger lenses with hoods that wouldn’t quite fit. All it really required was being a little more selective and intentional about what gear I was using. It was actually nice to have a little lighter load than I would typically venture out with.

To learn more about this product, visit for tutorial videos and ordering information. PhotoPXL readers are being offered a 10% discount.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions on this product or on other things you might have seen in the video please reach out to me on Instagram @instadurr.

Michael Durr
April 2022
Michael Durr
Indianapolis, IN

After studying broadcast journalism at Illinois State University, I began my career in Central Illinois creating commercials and on-air promotions for local television affiliates. From 2008 to 2012, I worked for The Marketing Store where I created content for clients such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Southern Comfort. From there, I worked for Maddock Douglas, an innovation consulting firm, developing an internal photo/video offering. I left Maddock Douglas to be a creative director at FÁS Chicago, where I worked primarily for Case Construction. In 2017, I relocated to Indianapolis with my wife and two sons and I have started Michael Durr Photo/Video, LLC. Currently, I work in partnership with Kevin Raber and PhotoPXL, creating video content on all things photography. In addition I work on other freelance projects primarily around the midwest. Throughout my career, talented friends and great mentors have surrounded me. I have been fortunate to wake up every day never feeling like I was going to work. The combination of my professional experience, personality and drive to improve has given me a unique perspective from behind the lens. It is a combination of work and life that inspires me.

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